High Rise Art of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fantastic place. Open space is premium there as the territory is relatively small considering its rising population of 7 million people.

Photographer Michael Wolf’s series of images entitled ‘Architecture of Density’ explores the incredible urban landscapes of Hong Kong.

“Stripped of all outer context like sky or ground, his photos only show fragments of massive blocks of flats, both crumbling or still in construction. The way their monotone and repetitive details occupy the whole frame is mesmerizing, and makes you think about all the walls we build around ourselves.”Linen  – Design Boom

More examples and background info on the artist can be found at:


architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-12 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-11 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-10 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-9 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-7 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-6 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-4 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-13 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-3 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-2 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-1 architecture-of-density-hong-kong-michael-wolf-thumb640

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