A Photographic Tribute to the Lord of Neon: RIP Chris Bracey

The late Chris Bracey was known as the Neon Man for 37 years, having created iconic artpieces for David la Chappelle, Martin Creed and many other luminaries of the British art scene. With a cult following in London and Los Angeles Chris Bracey employed both new and used neon fantasies, salvaged signs, vintage neons, old movie props and retro displays to blow the collectives’ mind.

His creations included: Neon art made from found objects; retrieved and renewed waste and lights;
fairground and circus lighting; architectural sign salvage; led and cold cathode luxury products;
Examples of his work were housed at the famously titled God’s Own Junkyard where Designers and makers of all things with light would convene.

Below is a selection of photos of his creations found at the ‘Junkyard’.

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