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Silvertoad is in love with Luton! Earlier this month, Silvertoad were visited by a film crew from the 'Love Luton' initiative. The reason behind the sudden rush of media exposure was because Luton Borough Council had put us forward for inclusion in this year's 'Love Luton' video because...

Silvertoad Ltd. love paper folding, origami, cutting and the like. Nothing like a spot of therapeutic paper related intimacy to unwind between major briefs. So installation caught our eye and we thought we'd share it with you. Najla el Zein‘s Wind Portal installation at London’s V&A...

Is this Banksy? Elusive graffiti artist may have finally been caught out after his van broke down while installing artwork in New York, USA Secretive artist apparently seen wearing a flat cap and dirty overalls His true identity has never been confirmed for sure despite his fame Banksy...

Home Office accused of illegal font use on illegal immigrants campaign A French type designer has accused the UK Home Office of using his typeface without permission on its recent anti-illegal immigration van campaign.   Fabien Delage says the Home Office used his Plane Crash font on its...

Thanks to Sam Burt for this hilarious addition to the Blog! Where does one sit? Well at Silvertoad Bungalows we can sit on anything from deckchairs, eachother, couches, work tops, the floor but on seeing this chair - we are saving our coppers big time. A...

                    At this year's Design Festival in London is perhaps one of the most interesting innovations in print design since Gothenburg's printing press itself. Introducing The Liberator - the world's first downloadable, printable gun. Yes, gun. Not staple gun or glue gun, but proper gun as in Dirty...

  Silvertoad Ltd. will be providing free printing services in support of a Luton based charity set up by the son of a brave lady - Alana Dickinson who sadly lost her life after a 17 year battle with Emphysema.  Mum's Big Birthday Bash is taking...

‘Providing a fresh image for BASEPOINT Luton’   Silvertoad Ltd. created a new banner for BASEPOINT to help publicise the fantastic office space and facilities available for businesses large and small. BASEPOINT Business and Innovation Centre at Luton is an excellent place to establish your business. The modern...