Fantasy Crisp Packet Designs
Healey Hitchen Seabrook  | Silvertoad, Luton

Silvertoad loves this runner-up entry in the Student Design Awards at London agency Design Bridge. The annual competition invites undergraduates to submit a packaging design and brand re-think for an established company.

Have a gander at these designs that re-imagine the brand as a gourmet-pub snack with innovative 3D packet designs with a weird and wonderful way to open the packet sideways and share them with your mates. They were designed by Jennifer Healy and Kate Hitchen from Northumbria University.

Seabrook Crisps have been a fixture in the Midlands and north of England, and have been slowly making it’s way south for decades. In general, they are crinkly version of Walkers with all the basic flavours covered – their packaging design and logos quite conservative and dependable. In fact I think it’s always been the same, thinking back to seeing them on the shelf in the Kwik Save at Page Moss in Liverpool on childhood visits to see my nan in the early 80s.