Font Fluency
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Helvetica, yes. Comic Sans, no way. Font snobbery used to be limited to us Graphic Designers, but now everyone’s at it. What does your company’s choice say about your brand?dafont

For a long time, only graphic designers could be accused of being font snobs. Despite the lengthy menu offered by Microsoft Word, most of us (in general public land) stuck to Arial or Times New Roman. We might have been able to pick out Courier in a line-up, but could easily have muddled it with Georgia.

Recently, there was a degree of fuss kicked up over Apple’s decision to switch from Helvetica Neue to Helvetica Neue Light which showed that these days are behind us. So does this indicate that a fluency in ‘font’ is becoming as natural as Facebook? For instance Comic Sans, the iPhone Notes font of choice is upsetting purists and non-purists with its lack of decorum! Amazing that we can be outraged by a font choice. Our copy-editor, Ed’s font of choice is Century Gothic and turns out that this particular font is the most ‘green’ because it uses less ink than any other type per size.  Regarding the Apple switch, do you have an opinion?

It’s been observed that font awareness has been fuelled by the rise of social media. The need to express ourselves through a ‘PC’ orientated handwriting is en vogue.  Sites like Pinterest and makes art directors of us all BUT is it getting to a stage were we’re being judged by our choice of fonts? is the ultimate in finding that perfect font for your invitation, letterhead and business stationary. Nobody has to settle for the big ten anymore: Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, Palatino, Courier, Tahoma, Calibri etc.  It’s time to get your designers to fish something a little more inventive out of the bag.

Ask a Silvertoader to advise you on your choices of type faces for your designs. Your font choice is saying more about your business than you’ll ever be interested in. But it pays to have a guiding hand in these matters…

Which FONT are you!?

Inspired by an article in The Sunday Times – 13th October 2013