Say No Go - McDonalds Sans Logo
Burger | Silvertoad, Luton

McDonalds sheds its logo for its next poster campaign. Bold move and will other companies follow suit?

What can be said about McDonalds that hasn’t already been said? It’s army of burger-vendors file behind one of the most recognisable logos on the planet – even 3 year-olds can identify the brand. Isn’t it awesome (in the real sense of the word) how strong and quite unstoppable its advertising machine is.

So with a stroke giant stroke of confidence, for its next advertising campaign McDonalds has opted for simplicity.  Such is its confidence in the instant and unique recognizability of their product that they are temporarily ditching the ‘Golden Arches’ on their new poster campaigns. If the logo is infinitely recognisable, are the products themselves?  The public may well have been ‘vox-popped’ to see whether they said Hamburger or Big Mac when faced with the below beautifully shot photo. What would you have said? Better yet, has this been done before?

At Silvertoad Ltd. we feel that the Big Mac picture alone works. The picture of the chips (or French Fries) can be identified by their red packaging (so its a kind of cheat – even though we have been conditioned to identify that combination of that red and that yellow with the McDonalds brand) and the ice cream sundae cannot be linked exclusively to ‘Slack Macs’. It could’ve been put together at any of its competitors. But the fact that the product is itself the branding is next level.

They have gone through the ceiling of corporate identity and landed onto some meta-physical plain were it’s gone beyond having to announce who they are anymore with words and symbols. Quite simply, they know that food speaks for itself.

And to those that love a sly McDonalds there can’t be a better gift.

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