Tetris Playing Business Cards?

Tetris Playing Business Cards?

Silvertoad‘s Super Sam Burt brought this curio to our attention. Click on the YouTube link above to get a fever for the flavour.

arduboy-tetris-590x330Designer Kevin Bates
built the card using the tiniest Arduino he could find, an OLED screen, and a piezo speaker. The whole creation is only slightly thicker than a penny. It has working buttons for controlling the game, and could conceivably be programmed to play a lot more old-school games besides just Tetris. Wow!The Tetris playing business card is actually an Arduino-based project shakes up

imagesThe boring world of business cards by embedding a playable computer game. Forget all that nonsense in American Psycho about who had the best business cards. This is one card that won’t be joining the throwaway pile.

Where can we get one? Watch this space as they haven’t been launched yet.

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