Silk Mill Found Undisturbed After 60 Years

Imagine stumbling upon your office untouched after 60 years. Your copy of Smash Hits left open next to unfinished bag of Monster Munch, your Incredible Hulk screen saver glowing untouched for nearly six decades?  Well in the state of Maryland, USA, something similar has happened in real life. A whole factory that got closed mid-shift has been found undisturbed after 57 years. View the pictures below.ab2f7b60-9961-11e3-934e-f5dafbc46344_abandoned-factory10-190214 aa737e60-9961-11e3-8629-87b2926550ea_abandoned-factory9-190214 aa601d70-9961-11e3-934e-f5dafbc46344_abandoned-factory1-190214 ab04e8f0-9961-11e3-9fd0-79d84c724631_abandoned-factory3-190214 abcca5c0-9961-11e3-9fd0-79d84c724631_abandoned-factory4-190214 aab54250-9961-11e3-934e-f5dafbc46344_abandoned-factory6-190214 aac17750-9961-11e3-9fd0-79d84c724631_abandoned-factory7-190214 aa606b90-9961-11e3-9fd0-79d84c724631_abandoned-factory2-190214 ab1f75d0-9961-11e3-8a94-835c32b3f33d_abandoned-factory5-190214 aa6351c0-9961-11e3-8a94-835c32b3f33d_abandoned-factory8-190214

With its log books and machinery covered in a thick layer of dust, the Lonaconing Silk Mill, ML, USA provides an eerie look into the 1950s after standing empty for almost six decades. Machines inside the Maryland factory shuddered to a halt due to modernised equipment introduced US-wide. Once boasting a workforce of 300, the large factory is now an astonishing time capsule. The treasure chest, snapped by photographer Darryl Moran, shows glass bottles of Coke, old-fashioned cigarettes and calendars that mark the year 1957.

Pics by D Moran