Animation Colour Schemes
The Colour of 2009

Whether you’re a life long fan of Disney, Pixar or Studio Ghibli? Then this one is teabreak teaser is one for you!

Hyo Taek Kim’s ‘Color of…’ projects collate the colour palettes of the most recognisable Disney and Studio Ghibli animated films.

Here are some of Silvertoad’s favourites:

Hyo-Taek-Kim-the_color_of_Snow-White Hyo-Taek-Kim-the_color_of_Totoro the_color_of_09 Hyo-Taek-Kim-the_color_of_Princess-Monoke






































We believe that choosing a colour scheme is vital to your brand as different shades and pigments leave different cognitive impressions on the viewer.  We understand colour at Silvertoad, so if you ever need a rebranding or even a chat about your companie’s chosen colour, come and have a word with us.

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Follow the below link to see if you can identify some famous films by their colour schemes too.