Are you companies using the LAYAR App yet?
Layar | Silvertoad, Luton

Silvertoad were recently impressed by an innovative new app created by Dutch company

layar-logo.9d41445a0569 Quite simply companies can hide hidden code in their printed media such as film posters, packaging, billboards and other vehicle livery for starters. You could scan the item in question with your iPhone and, in some cases it would play a relevant YouTube or Vimeo clip, or take you to a website with a promotional offer for immediate use. The possibilities are limitless but now the ball is running the world is in the Layar App‘s thrall.

Already, the Layar App for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Google Glass has been downloaded over 38 million times, and more than 90,000 publishers, marketers, brands and agencies are using the self-service Layar Creator to build their own AR and Interactive Print campaigns.

welcome-to-layarIf your provider hasn’t gotten you involved yet ask them why they haven’t? Silvertoad are always at the cutting edge of new technology and if you fancy using the Layar App for your products get involved sooner than later!

Follow this link for a demonstration video: LINK