Dressing Smart
Technology Woven| Silvertoad, Luton

Ever ‘dressed smart’ for an interview or a social function. In the very near future, it could mean something else entirely. Check out this ‘Smart Shirt’ and App, designed to combat stress.


It is a fact that stress contributes to all sorts of undesirable health conditions. Unfortunately, it’s virtually unavoidable in our fast-paced, urban lifestyle that is wrought with deadlines and various challenges.The best solution to combating stress is to learn how to manage it. OMSignal is a company that has developed a technology that can be embedded into clothing (currently at prototype stage), which enables us to monitor our wellbeing all the time.Information regarding heart and breathing rates (among others), will be collated through sensors that are in direct contact with our skin. It will then be sent directly to a person’s smartphone in real time, allowing a person to be constantly aware of how they are feeling. This gives the individual a chance to do something positive about his or her situation.OMSignal hopes that one day, if mass produced, the concept will allow people to share health related statistics with friends and family, giving people the opportunity to keep track of how their loved ones are faring, too.