The Design Police Are Coming For You...
Tim Delger Hipster logo| Silvertoad, Luton

Look At This Weak Humoured Poster Aimed At The ‘Hated’ Design Agency Hipster

TimDelger_HipsterlogoAs with everything ‘good’ you can pretty much accept that there will be imitators.  A new direction in logo type is quickly embraced and before you know it is has become a ‘style’ and everybody is using it.  SIlvertoad elders do not see a problem with this as long as the change over is constant and the current looks aren’t restrictive.

A sense of humour is allowed but aren’t we narrowing our freedoms as creatives by releasing posters like this that labels the vanguard as hipsters and likens our trade to an elitist band of snobs?  Where would the art world be without style periods; namely the renaissance, the impressionists, art deco, avant-garde or graffiti?  There would be no movements?  There’s really no place for the ironic bystander in design?  Nobody likes to side with the hipster but they are the ones who spread the new ideas from the early days up until commercial realisation. We think this kind of approach is poisonous and the humour very tired.

Fun or not, take a look at this poster and make your own mind up?