Barclaycard Launches ‘Dine & Dash’ Restaurant
Dine and Dash | Silvertoad, Luton

Hot on the heels of Amazon’s new cashier-less supermarket was launched comes Barclaycard’s ‘Dine & Dash’ concept, a brand new solution which enables diners to simply walk out after eating. With Dine & Dash you can bypass the traditional bill paying process and you can see first-hand how the new technology works when it’s unveiled through the high street chain Prezzo imminently.

Recent studies conducted by Barclaycard reveals that over a third of restaurant goers (36% to be exact) find waiting for the bill the most frustrating part of eating out. 25% of people would even consider walking out without paying if the wait for the bill was too long. These stats come as no surprise and we’re pretty sure this new solution will benefit both diners and restaurants in its promised efficiency.

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Brilliantly simple, Dine & Dash works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Tap– tap the Dine & Dash totem with your phone to ‘check in’ at your table
  2. Eat– order as usual and enjoy your meal
  3. Go– just walk out after you’ve finished eating

So how will the restaurant know if a customer has paid?’ Simpler still, the totem on the table simply changes colour to show successful payments. Diners can also check out in the app which even allows the option to split the bill, add a tip or apply a discount.

This ‘just walk out’ technology is gaining momentum rapidly, so be prepared to see more of it over the coming months. 55% of people predict a future where the physical bill no longer exists, which is almost inevitable as the drive to be more efficient and automate gains ever more momentum. Along with our ever-increasing reliance on tech-based solutions.







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