Design Museum - Artist In Residence Programme 2013
32 UTAR | Silvertoad, Luton

Silvertoad Ltd. Posse are always on the ball with new and cutting edge ideas and trends. Although we like to be trendsetters rather than electric sheep, we still try whenever possible to attend talks and exhibitions put on at the Design Museum down on the Thames in London. We are avid fans of their Designers In Residence programme that begins any day now (4 September).


This year’s programme is centred on how design can be used “to convey, create or reflect a sense of identity”. And forms part of the Design Museum‘s ongoing mission to support and encourage new design talent.

The 2013 Designers in Residence will each present their projects at the Design Museum from 4 September, including:

  • Adam Nathanial Furman: who is exploring “our globalised mass culture” through blogs, objects and film
  • Eunhee Jo: who is creating new surfaces made from fabric or paper, which will be embedded with technology and used to create a light and hi-fi system
  • Chloe Meineck: who is developing a memory box to be used by people suffering with dementia or memory loss
  • Thomas Thwaites: who is designing an interactive webpage that will act like a “self-help book”

As well as presenting their projects, the designers will take part in learning activities and talks – and help curate a late-night event at the museum. Keep an eye out here and on the Design Museum website for further details.

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