Everybody’s Surfing! Mavericks

No longer content to name their operating systems after deadly wild cats, Apple announced that its latest OS X would be called Mavericks.

The connection to Internet browsing is a little less obvious to your average man on the street but it’s way more literal, although you’ll struggle to find Apple making a direct reference to the fact in their own promo material.

OK, I won’t break it down too far, but Mavericks is a town in California, USA, that is a has found fame as a winter sports location for extreme surfers.  Its where you find the best waves and its where the elite go to war with the most hazardous and deadly on-shore / off-shore waves.

If you wanted to, you could also read something into the fact that Mavericks and the sport of surfing are distinctly associated with California. So this dovetails nicely with their current campaign ‘Designed by Apple In California‘, the company are giving a little something back to their home state.

So the new OS X name has a big wave full of daring and alternative thinking and makes all the right sorts of associations Apple might want to develop about itself.
The forward thinking rule breaker that gets results.  The 19th Century Texan cattle farmer Samuel Maverick, from whom the term ‘maverick’ was originally coined, when he refused to brand his cattle for sale, would have been proud to see how far his family name has come.