New Design Proposals for Cigarette Packaging
Cigarette Packaging | Silvertoad, Luton

Dispensing with informal and corporate design on cigarette packaging has been on the government agenda for as long as anybody at Silvertoad can remember.  Here at last are the first ‘non’ designs for the UK cigarette products.

As you can see for the pictures above, the proposed packaging will not include any logo designs for the respective manufacturers, only the brand name in a straight faced Helvetica font in a yet to be specified maximum size. A picture of the damage to a smokers’ lungs and assorted health warnings will have pride of place, on the black coloured box.

The image, released to the public by the Department of Health (DoH), arrives following the publication of draft regulations on tobacco packaging yesterday, which are open for a UK-wide consultation which will run for six weeks, closing on 7 August 2014.

The design resembles the one already in circulation in Australia. According to the DoH, the objectives of the new packs include: ‘reducing the appeal or attractiveness of tobacco products’; ‘reducing the potential for elements of the packaging of tobacco products other 
than health warnings to detract from the effectiveness of those warnings’; ‘reducing opportunities for the packaging of tobacco products to mislead consumers about the effects of using them’ and ‘reducing opportunities for the packaging of tobacco products to create false perceptions about the nature of such products’.

What are your thoughts on the undressing of the cigarette packet? Important or a wasted exercise over emphasising the effectiveness of product design? Tricky.

Edited from an article in Design Week.