A New Look for KFC
KFC | Silvertoad, Luton

This is the kind of project that really gets Silvertoad inspired. We’re really good at rethinking and revising a well-established brand’s look. It’s our speciality.

KFC are trialling a new look and range of ‘craft’ ale-style soft-drinks at one of their UK branches. KFC Cannock in Leicestershire is dipping a toe into the water with a departure from the more ‘hardcore’ stylings of the familiar red, white and blue core colours. The new range is called ‘Crafted Refreshment’.

Inspired by the American wave of hipster ales that are very popular across the world from inner-city microbreweries, KFC are the first to adopt some of the paraphenalia and overall look.

See below some of the designs being promoted at the back end of Leicestershire, put together by London agency, Design Bridge.

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