Silhouettes by Rick McCor
Paperboy | Silvertoad, Luton

Have a quick look at these playful paper silhouettes from artist, Rick McCor

Silhouette artist Rick McCor has created a bunch of paper shapes to juxtapose with the landscapes all around us.

Starting from an instagram page Rick McCor posts regular photos on his social media profile of famous landscapes around the world totally transforming peoples perspectives and inspiring more and more artists to post creative content on the Instagram platform. With 232 current creative posts it’s no wonder the artist has blown to 126 thousand followers and counting.

It seems nowadays more and more people are starting up their business on instagram and making a name for themselves, and why not it works! Instagram is a brilliant platform for self and business promotion and anyone trying to do either should definitely see it as a priority especially those working in the creative industry.

There are more examples of McCor’s pictorial madness on Fubiz and his official instagram page.