Smart Wallet Card Shows Adverts From Banks
Smart Card | Silvertoad, Luton

The world’s biggest mobile technology show has brought us yet another innovative piece of tech, with the launch of a new smart wallet card at this year’s MWC also known as the Mobile World Congress.

The smart wallet card can store multiple credit and debit account details at one given time. This is extremely handy for people who have multiple credit cards as it means they will no longer be needed and you can connect multiple accounts to one card which can all be done remotely.

The smart connected card will have two way communication so that the bank can send you messages via the mini display on the card. On top of that, banks will be able to display adverts on the card! Is this the future of advertising?

The main concern people have is the security and battery, but the good news is that the battery is capable of charging itself continuously, so it will never die on you when making a purchase. Dynamic Inc have not divulged into how the battery recharges itself but many believe it uses the same method as kinetic powered watches. As for the security, Dynamics have claimed that the cards have the same security as regular bank cards and online banking. The majority of people find this very hard to believe. Well who can blame them? As technology evolves so does hacking, we look forward to seeing how it all plays out!


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