Steal This Bike (If You Can!)
Unstealable Bike Lock | Silvertoad, Luton

The UnstealableBike_lockUnstealable Bike

Check out this fantastic design innovation for the ‘Planet’s First Unstealable Bike’. The Yerka Project is about comfort, design and safety, creating a bike with a frame which folds around to become the lock. So if you break the lock, you break the bike. No more carrying heavy locks around! Most smarty pants could say that you saw the tree down or vaporise the lamppost or railing but then that’s typical of smarty pants. Of course there are limits to anything that claims to be unstealable. Who remembers the break-proof dinner plates!?

According to the Yerka Project’s website: “Unlike any other solution to this problem, like foldable or rental bikes, the YERKA® technology maintains the slick design of an urban bike and it’s applicable to any frame shape.”

You can sign up to support this design here.