The Rio Rebrand
Rio | Silvertoad, Luton

It’s Summer time. We’re always thirsty in the Silvertoad Dug-Out, so this article about a cold soft-drink rebrand really
quenched our mind-grapes! The brand in question? Why, it’s Rio!

Remember our article on the Pepsi rebranding called The Restraint Of Pepsi? We think that we may be slightly obsessed with brand drink packaging!

The consultancy to get the gig was Dragon Rouge.  With the brand coming up to it’s 20th year, it deifinitely need a rebrand and a refresh. Dragon Rouge was appointed by brewer Hall & Woodhouse and tasked with refreshing the branding ‘to validate Rio with consumers’.

Dragon Rouge says it has aimed to focus on Rio’s taste and ingredients, responding to research that showed consumers knew the Rio name but didn’t know much about the drink itself.

The new look features a reworked Rio identity and fruit graphics on the cans.

It is being applied across Rio’s three flavours; Tropical, Tropical Light and Citrus.

Marie-Therese Cassidy, creative director at Dragon Rouge, said, ‘Our new refreshed packaging… increases the natural fruitiness and spring water communication and significantly increases appetite appeal.’

The new look is available in a range of stockists and is also launching to trade within the month.

Silvertoad Ltd. is always on the look out for packaging design and rebranding projects.  Especially if we get free samples to errr, sample.

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