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After taking a look around have you noticed what typefaces have become ubiquitous this year? With the high volume of design output to cover sometimes it takes a while to spot a new influence coming through. Like any creative force, there are trendsetters and sheep, so who are the sheep watching?

When it comes to typeface there are a few style disciplines to that come into play. But regardless of product or brand, these types triumph and appear everywhere regardless.

Have a look below at some styles that have begun to set a precedent across the international design industry in 2015.

A lighter touch:

A new family of scripts is growing that employs a lighter and more delicate approach. Silvertoad has already seen a number of eye-catching specimens this year (Flirt by Positype, Horizontes by Sudtipos, Font 4 U’s Ella FY and Chelly FY) and we hope that this script family will flourish, with beautiful, delicate and crazy ligatures.

Horizontes by Sudtipos, Font 4 U Ella FY, Showcase by Latinotype, Flirt by Positype, and Font 4 U’s Shelly FY.

Order for Chaos:

Vintage effects have been a mainstay for the last few years, but with the increase in choice, we think that the used and chaotic style will stay in vogue for a while yet. Silvertoad’s favourite examples are: Catalina by Kimmy Design, Boucherie and Charcuterie by Laura Worthington; and rough or used versions of some existing fonts such as Nexa Rust by Fontfabric, Rough Love by Positype and Core Circus rough by S-Core.

Catalina by Kimmy Design, Boucherie by Laura Worthington, Rough Love by Positype and Nexa Rust by Fontfabric.

We’ll be back with a second volume of observations in due course.

If you see a particular font that you want to use in your rebranding or new design just tell us!

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