Amazon Unveils New Range of Echo Smart Devices
Amazon Logo | Silvertoad, Luton

With the huge success of Amazon’s Alexa, the personal assistant which launched in 2014 it is no surprise that they have introduced a new range of similar devices.

The Amazon echo is a brand of smart AI speakers which have been developed by  The devices connect to a voice controlled personal assistant known as Alexa. The personal assistant has a wide range of capabilities from voice interaction, setting alarms, providing weather updates and even turning your lights on for you! Yes you heard that right.

Alexa can connect to a wide range of smart home devices through the internet which allows users automate their homes.  Using nothing but your voice Alexa can also allow you to shop online or browse the web.

Amazons new series of Alexa compatible devices include; the echo plus and the echo spot. The Echo plus being visually identical to the original echo will offer better sound and audio quality. The echo spot on the other hand seems to be the most intriguing of Amazon’s new products. This device includes a 2.5inch screen which displays information such as time, weather and even acts as a security camera or video chat.

Although sales figures are not yet released it is rumored to have outsold Google’s home which is Amazon’s largest competition. We look forward to seeing how things pan out!