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Gadgets We Love  | Silvertoad, Luton


My ENACFIRE wireless earbuds are currently my favourite. After a long search for some Bluetooth earbuds, these had the perfect balance of sound quality, battery life, fit and affordability. I personally believe these provide a better sound quality than Apple AirPods, and aren’t as clunky in fit either! The case also acts as a wireless charger, which means they can recharge on the go (within 20 minutes!). I bought them for my long haul flight to Mexico last October, and they were perfect for me!  Available on amazon for £39.99.



DJI Mavic Air
I love my new drone! When using it, it gives you a whole new perspective of your environment, seeing it from the sky, which is not something that you used to be able to do. I can capture some really unique and beautiful shots with it. So much more than you can do with just a generic camera. When I travel, I can take the drone to most places and get some really amazing footage. You can buy them at any drone retailer, I personally bought mine from



My favourite gadget is currently my Google Nest Hub! It has a routine set up on it every weekday at 06:50 or when I say “Run Wake Up”

I’m greeted with “Good Morning Keir” each day, followed by a weather report and then latest info about my commute to work, including how long the drive will take along with how heavy the traffic is. After this is will then play Radio 1 until I choose to stop it.

It’s really handy for asking quick questions and finding info quickly, playing music and turning the heating off, which my dad leaves on at 24 degrees at midnight!




My GHD Platinum+ hair straighteners are my absolute favourite gadget at the moment! They cost a lot at around £180.00 for what they are, but are so worth it. They work so well and save me lots of time in the mornings, I can straighten or curl my hair in under 15 mins! Lots of great functionality built in and it leaves my hair looking lovely, healthy and of course silky smooth! Available from all major retailers on high street or online.



This is my ultimate favourite gadget at the moment! At just £35, including a chime and batteries, this video doorbell has a lot more functionality than the equivalent ‘Ring’ version which costs around £280 for the like for like version along with free cloud based storage of your footage! Easy to set-up, install and use, you just can’t look past it! I bought one just to see if any good and I wasn’t disappointed!

In essence this is just an unbranded ‘Ring’ doorbell and goes to show how much we over-pay for ‘Branded’ goods, often with less/limited functionality but at more cost! Available on eBay, Amazon, Wish etc. along with a tonne of other alternatives.



My favourite gadget is my Samsung Galaxy S10. We can’t live without mobile phones these days, especially as they are used for so many things and it’s important you’re entirely happy with your device! My S10 is used for music, social media and the camera is really amazing and I’m constantly taking pictures! I don’t leave the house without my phone and nothing comes close to it being my ultimate gadget! Available everywhere on various PAYG or Contract deals. If the S10 is too far a stretch, then the S9 is every bit as good! In fact, very little difference between them other than the cost.



My favourite gadget is the Garmin forerunner 35. It is on the cheaper side for a smart watch but works well. It tracks my steps, heart rate, sleep, calories and intensities of my workouts. Also has a very handy feature which calls your phone from your watch so if I have misplaced my phone and it is within the Bluetooth range then you can find it in a matter of seconds. Available on Amazon for £99.00



Something I’ve started to get into recently is 360° photography. The particular model I’m using at the moment is a Mi Sphere 360, from Xiaomi.

I’ve always liked the way photographs try to capture the ‘feeling’ of places, and I think that 360° photos can do that even better than the traditional kind. You can scroll them round on a PC, but best viewed on a 3D headset (I use a cheap Google Cardboard-based one). I chose this model because it has great performance taking still images – a lot of 360° cameras are more geared for action videos, but I’m using mine more for static landscapes.

Prices vary a lot; this model is currently around £270 on Amazon.