Landing VS Home Pages - What's The Difference?!
Landing Vs Home Pages | Silvertoad, Luton

A common question we get asked a lot at Silvertoad is, what’s the difference between a Landing Page and a Homepage? In most instances, our clients mean the homepage, however, we would like to help answer this question and help clarify!

So, what are the key differences? First of all, we have to take into consideration who the target audience is, as they are the reason why the two pages differ.

A landing page is specifically designed for a user to ‘land’ on when they click on an advertisement to the website, therefore it will more likely to be seen by users who are interested in your business, product or service. A landing page allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead-capture form (or a conversion form).

The aim for landing pages is to allow the audience to either:

  1. Perform an action
  2. Leave the page

Therefore, a landing page should be distraction-free with prominent call-to-actions such as “Get Your Free No Obligation Quotation”, “Call Us Now” or “Sign Up Today for 10% Off”.

Landing pages stem from digital adverts, such as Google AdWords links, to entice an audience that is searching for specific products through the keywords used in search engines such as Google. For example, if you were searching for fridges, you may be shown a paid advert for a retailer’s range of refrigerators which would then transfer you to a page specifically designed for fridges instead of a homepage that also sells ovens and microwaves. Landing pages only have one goal: converting traffic.

Your homepage is the front page of your website, and is completely different from a landing page. Homepages are aimed for direct visitors who are looking for varied traffic sources and links across your entire website. For example, you would have a menu, site links in the footer and perhaps social media links – all of these help your visitors find what they need or interact with the site in a way that you’d hope. This may also be the page that you want people to go to from seeing a paid advertisement, but it is less specific and introduces the user to your whole website.

Here is a visual breakdown of the differences between a Home Page and a Landing Page.

Home Page

Landing Page

Direct visitors, looking for relevant content

Requested specific content

Broad range of visitor intent

Specific visitor intent

Varied traffic sources

Specific campaigns
Overall business information and content

Specific content of benefits for the desired action

Draw visitors deeper into the website

Click/perform a single Call To Action
Is the page associated with your domain? (eg

A separate page of your website (eg,

Links to all the important pages of website

No links except Call To Action or the Home Page

Open options to connect in other ways (eg, social media links)

No option except to perform Call To Action

Permanent fixture

Not necessarily permanent