Update your website regularly or lose out!
Website Updates | Silvertoad, Luton

It’s always important to have a functioning website for your customers to browse through. But isn’t it so much better to have a website that is enticing and professional?

Your website gives your customers a first impression about your business and its services, and it won’t serve you or your company justice if your website is stuck in 2006. The visual appeal is key; we have had such a giant leap forward in the technological world that the internet a decade ago is unrecognisable compared to today. Social media extended to MySpace and Facebook. Now there are so many types of online media that we can’t actually keep up with it! Hence why it is so important to keep up with your website!

Consistent updates – be it blog posts, tweets or alterations to your layout – give the impression that your company is busy and popular. It shows your customers that you haven’t ignored your site, and that you are still going strong as a business. In addition, regular updates keeps your search engine result high on google and other search engines. Without the common updates that you should already be adding, your website can gradually slip further and further down the search rankings where your prospects and customers will rarely take the time to look.

Referring back to the huge tech advancement that the world has created, smartphones dominate society. So is your website mobile-friendly? According to a recent Ofcom survey in 2018, the average adult spends 24 hours a week online; that equates to 3.4 hours a day! Plus, it’s estimated that the average adult checks their smartphones every 12 minutes. Combining these statistics together with a mobile-friendly site, you can work out how much of your audience originates from a smartphone or tablet. At last count, it was estimated to be 80%+ viewings via ‘Phablets’ and rising. It’s vital that you regularly refresh your website and content to accommodate this new audience.

Your website isn’t a cost, it’s an investment and could be your best and most powerful means of marketing and sales!

Silvertoad’s team of highly skilled marketers, creative web designers and talented web developers can give you help and advice to create a brand new website, or update the one you already have! Give us a call on 0800 756 6841 or email us at [email protected] and lets help you rise up the ranks!