Pro Formula by Diversey Reopening Sample Box Campaign
Pro Formula Reopening Kit | Silvertoad, Luton

We have been working with Pro Formula by Diversey to run the graphic design, printing, pick, pack, and dispatch of their sample boxes for businesses trying to maximise safety while reopening. With an array of cleaning products for almost every room a business may have, what’s not to love about this gift!

Silvertoad designed and printed the bespoke boxes and the printed the content inside including 8-, 4- and double-sided flyers, 4 page booklets, facemasks, business cards, and even the graphics used to help online marketing for this campaign to make sure the sample box was full to the brim with useful information and products to help keep you and those around you safe.

It has been great to collaborate with Pro Formula and the overall campaign, although still running, has been a massive success and was received well by those who signed up which gives us a great sense of pride in supporting this campaign.