Christmas Wrapping Paper
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Silvertoad is always on the lookout for inspiration. One of the things we like to do the most in the studio is brainstorm. Someone suggested designing their own Christmas wrapping paper the other day. Imagine a Christmas toad on your wrapping paper!

Your company logo can be modified for the season of good will and it’s a neat way to stay in touch with customers if your company cannot afford more elaborate corporate gifts. So plan ahead early and give us an order and we can get to work for Christmas 2016.


In the meantime have a look at these designs that seem to have a second life as toys for children. So if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a youngster then you should look no further than KNOT, created by DB London’s Rachel. Inspired by learning about furoshiki on her travels to Japan (a traditional Japanese method of wrapping items in fabric, often decorative and beautifully presented), Rachel had the bright idea of creating her own version of furoshiki and combining it with play mats for small children.

KNOT webstore

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IMG_9692 Key-visual_Map Key-visual_Cook citywrap2

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