Custom Security Labels with Silvertoad
Silvertoad Labels | Silvertoad, Luton

Due to lockdown requiring us to work remotely and staying home without travel, we naturally find ourselves sending more parcels. This means we face a whole new set of challenges from packaging to customer care, which can be a big dilemma.

Have you ever had a situation where a parcel has arrived damaged, but you know you sent that package in full working condition? You then find yourself stuck and having to refund, as you cannot prove how it left you, or the courier is not taking any responsibility?

Avoid those awkward situations and be at a loss no more! Silvertoad offer numbered, printed custom security labels and warranty stickers that leave a sticky residue with the words VOID when peeled off, so you will always have evidence to keep yourself from being at an unfair loss!

Our warranty stickers and labels are a deterrent for people trying to unfairly gain from your business, as we know that for a small cost, you could be saving yourself much more! Available for quantities as low as just 100, in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, you’ll always be safe in the knowledge that if people have tampered with your package, the evidence will be clear!

So be safe in the knowledge that Silvertoad has your back with our custom printed security labels! Get in touch today for your custom quote.