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What is GDPR?

A new European privacy regulation which is being enforced and will permanently change the way you collect, store and use customer data.

Silvertoad is well placed to help you with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 28th May 2018. We can work with you to develop a suitable framework to comply with the GDPR’s provisions.


 Is your website compliant with the requirements of GDPR? Very likely not! Here are some of the best resources we’ve found on the upcoming GDPR regulations:

  1. Making Your Website GPDR Compliant – from Hallam
  2. Privacy Policy Blog – from eConsultancy
  3. GDPR Guide – from DigiDay

The Maximum fine for non GDPR compliance is currently £17,000,000 or 4 percent of annual global sales (whichever is greater)!

The number one question is ‘Do we need to make sure our website has an SSL certificate in order to be GDPR compliant?’ The short answer is yes. Having an SSL certificate means your website is using HTTPS send data over an encrypted connection which is really good and the first step towards compliance.

We are currently offering our SSL certificates service at a discounted rate. Secure your website with our SSL certificates. Would you like to know more about SSL Certificates? You can read more here.


We can work with you to develop a suitable framework and have put together a package to get your website up to date and complying with the GDPR’s provisions.

What does our service provide?

1. Cookie policy – A page on your website that states what cookies are used on the site, both yours and from third parties and what data you capture with them and what you do with it.
2. Privacy policy – A privacy policy is a more thorough document that states the website owner’s full statement of what data is captured, when it was captured, what the data is used for, the third party’s details and the process.
3. SSL Certificate – The purpose is to securely encrypt all the details that are entered into any forms or fields on a website. A must-have on e-commerce sites and now recommended for all sites in general.
4. Newsletter sign-ups – We will make sure the tick box that handles this subscription is set to the user has to OPT-IN and not opt out as well as adding un-subscribe function.
5. Enquiry & Contact forms – We will ensure that the details are not stored in the website’s SQL database unless stored with encryption. Amend and remove pre-ticked boxes to automatically sign the enquirer up to a newsletter.
6. Right to be forgotten – All websites must have the ability to remove any stored information held on customers.

The GDPR checklist work would take our web team 2 days to complete and we’re offering this package for £250.00 +VAT to ensure your website is fully GDPR compliant.

Remember this includes Purchase, installation and implementation of your websites SSL Certificate which is also offered separately at a cost of £150.00 +VAT if that’s all you require.

Get in touch now and we’ll help get your site up to GDPR standards! You can contact us via email [email protected] or call us on 0800 756 6800 to get things started.

Click here to read our email campaign on the upcoming GDPR regulations.


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