Meet Car Tracker Systems – keeping your car safe and located!
Car Tracker Systems Website | Silvertoad, Luton

Who do you go to when you’re looking to launch a new product or service and need a hand to get your message, products and services promoted? We might be biased, but surely it’s got to be Silvertoad? Just like Car Tracker Systems, we won’t let your brand or site go missing on the web!

Luton-based Car Tracker Systems, previously known as VehTech, supply and install insurance approved stolen vehicle tracking systems onsite nationwide, using carefully selected Thatcham-approved products.

The new logo, branding and stunning website has put Car Tracker Systems into the fast lane and ready for 2019 and beyond! The website combines a unique and bold colour palette, with a modern masonry effect, providing viewers with an intuitive and colorful user experience.

Carefully crafted for optimum viewing and fully responsive on all devices, the website shop provides an easy workflow for viewers to find their perfect option and place their order and booking online, where Car Tracker Systems will get in touch to arrange installation and get your car protected!

So now you know where to go if you need your pride and joy connected, tracked and protected and who to speak to when you need help launching your new business, product or service!

View the new website here.