Top Social Media Business Influencers You Should Be Following!
Social Media Influencers | Silvertoad, Luton

It’s always good to take ideas from those who inspire you, especially in such a competitive world like business and enterprise. Here are just a few of the top business influencers that you should be reading about on your timeline. There’s plenty more out there, but this will help get you going and finding more as you go.

Melinda Emerson

This small business expert founded her production company Quintessence Multimedia after becoming inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios. She is currently the CEO of her company, however she hosts weekly talk shows – ‘SmallBizChat’ – on Twitter to share tips about launching & running a small business.

Fred Wilson

Wilson is a blogger, entrepreneur and top influencer who owns the blog site Among the top tech-circles, he is well respected for his legacy of internet investment success. Some sites to list include Etsy and Tumblr, so Wilson is a top name to be following if you want to explore the presence of businesses on social media.

Richard Branson

An obvious choice that should already be on your social feed, but we’re just reminding you! Richard Branson is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in modern history, even though he only began when he was a teenager. After starting Virgin Records in the early 1970s, Branson has now become a multi-billionaire with his empire spanning across Virgin Atlantic airlines, Virgin Media telephone & broadband services, and Virgin Trains for travelling across the country and a lot more besides. His new autobiography ‘Finding My Virginity’ is a recommended read.

Lori Greiner

The inventor, entrepreneur, author and TV personality from America has invented more than 600 lifestyle products throughout her career. Greiner’s products have appealed to companies like QVC and InStyle, and her net worth is well into the millions of dollars. Currently, Greiner is the host of the ABC entrepreneur show ‘Shark Tank’, however she has a substantial following on her social media platforms too.

Today’s digital age means you can find and read and learn from the world’s best at everything with a click or 2 of a mouse. And in your specific area of interest too!