Ukraine - Russia Cyber Threats
International hacker wearing a hoodie while doing a cyber attack

With the evolving Russia – Ukraine invasion, we are aware of the potential increase in cyber activity over the coming days. Russia’s approach with Hybrid Warfare may use cyber capabilities to their advantage.

The UK has announced its support to Ukraine, aid to responding to Russian DDoS attacks, and publicly advising on the discovery of malware from Russia to Ukraine.

Russia have released several attacks on Ukraine; its government, technology, and financial websites & services; including DDoS attacks, Data Leaks and Malware.

It is possible that Russia may target nations assisting Ukraine, particularly in major financial services, government institutions and significant supply chain infrastructure.

At present, there is limited actionable intelligence other than affirmations to remain vigilant. We’ve accelerated our cybersecurity infrastructure plans and would like to reassure you of the steps we are taking, in preventative preparation for any cyber-attacks.

We are keeping a close watch for any new findings, indicators and intelligence that becomes known, and will adapt accordingly. We are ensuring the fundamental cybersecurity procedures are in place to protect devices, networks, systems, servers, and websites.

Silvertoad’s Response

  • All our datacentres and servers are solely based in the United Kingdom
  • We conduct regular monitoring of all our services
  • We have confirmed our server system patches are up to date, with verified access controls
  • We limit and monitor any access of 3rd parties
  • We are continually reviewing our internet footprint
  • We are continually monitoring and logging all changes to our services and systems
  • We have regular and monitored backups in place for all our services and systems
  • We continually block any malicious IP addresses and hashes, regardless of worldwide events
  • All our websites have multi-layered DDoS protection, upstream filtering, and mitigation
  • All our websites have automatic malware scanning & Firewall scanning, with integrated Intrusion Prevention filtering
  • Our websites which are protected by SSL certificates which have the capability to automatically ban any Russian access. Clients without SSL certificates will be contacted.
  • Our websites which are integrated with a CDN automatically ban any Russian access, have additional firewalls, bot management and DDoS protection
  • Our WordPress websites have an additional layer of on-site security with malware scanning, firewalls, and a continually monitored protection and detection capability*
    (*Where supported. Those without the additional functionality will be contacted).

Further Available Protection

It’s important that your website is kept up to date with both plugin and platform updates. We have a simple and cost-effective monthly service to help keep on top of this. Our highly experienced website team can take the pressure off and help provide all the support you need as part of our WordPress Site Management services. Take a look at our website for more information.

We also offer integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which provides additional firewalls, bot management, DDoS protection. It can also hugely benefit your site’s performance, speed and caching; including mobile optimisation. Get in touch for more information, via [email protected].