What Is 5G And When Will It Be Released?
5G | Silvertoad, Luton

What is 5G?

Is super-fast mobile streaming just around the corner? The majority of network providers are already gearing up to test 5G networks throughout 2018, with the first 5G smart phones expected to release early 2019.

If everything keeps moving as planned, the idea is that 5G will allow our mobile devices to achieve broadband equivalent download speeds. Will this put an end to buffering? 5G a faster version of 4G will essentially make the transfer of large data extremely quick. When they arrive, 5G networks will not only be able to handle more data, but it will be able to connect more devices simultaneously and do this at faster speeds than ever possible before.

What makes 5G faster than 4G?

All our current mobile networks use radio waves, 5G on the other hand is faster because it uses bits of the electromagnetic spectrum that aren’t currently being used by other networks. With the advances in technology it has allowed for new developments in receiver and transmitter technologies which allow 5G networks to communicate using very high and low frequency waves. Previously this was impossible with old technology.

When will we first see 5G?

Currently, there are no fifth-generation ready smartphones on the market so don’t get your hopes up! However Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and 14 other phone manufacturers have already announced that they’re working with the chip manufacturer Qualcomm to release compatible devices next year.


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