Futuristic New Website for Boston Designs
Boston Design Consultants | Silvertoad, Luton

Boston Design Consultants are true innovators when it comes to the design and manufacture of electronic hardware solutions.


The company have many years’ experience in developing innovative products for use in the MIL-Aero, homeland security, space, scientific and other tech driven sectors. Boston Design have been providing engineering design & manufacturing services and supporting mechanical, electronic and system design for over 40 years.


Silvertoad were commissioned to create a new site for the company and provide an online presence that is befitting their excellence, ability and experience. From the very first click into the new website, you’re greeted with a fully interactive slider with floating particles that expand when you click on them, which is most addictive and fun! This moving element along with the dark image really draws your eye to the center contrasting text to read more about what the company do. The colour contrast of dark to light really works well with this site, and the blue contrasts well with the red, whilst also being readable at the same time.


Using the company’s existing logo and branding and combined with the new site design, the text is now inviting and easy to read, and is balanced out with regular imagery. The site is also completely responsive with all devices – an essential feature for modern technology design & suppliers!


You can view the new website here…. Just be careful you don’t get addicted to clicking the floating particles!


If you need a new website, high tech or simple, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Silvertoad!