Wear Your Mood On Your Bum With New ‘Cheeky’ Start Up Mood Pants!
Mood Pants | Silvertoad, Luton

We’re excited to announce the launch of fresh new brand Mood Pants, a unique range of quirky ladies underwear specifically designed to match your mood!

These crazy novelty sets of underwear are unlike any others in your collection, and it’s easy to see why!  These bright beauties are currently available for women and we think they’re going to be a hit for those of you out there with the quirkiest unique style!

The founders of the new business, Zoe & Luke, visited us at Silvertoad when their new venture was at its very early stages and discussed their vision and their aims. Fast-forward a few weeks later and we’d worked together to pull together the new website and help form the basis of the online presence. Then once the photoshoot had been completed and images prepared for use, the new site was finalised and is now live and trading ready in time for Christmas!

The new underwear range is made with uber comfy materials and we can vouch for the excellent quality and colour saturation. You can also be assured you’re causing no harm to the environment by recycling your Mood Pants gift box!

Think of all the times you’ve wondered what kind of gift to buy a friend or loved one – well wonder no more – Mood Pants makes the perfect gift! Visit the site and find a pair of pants to match your mood! www.moodpants.co.uk

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