Website & Logo Design for Prime People Skills

Prime People Skills offer courses and tools to develop the critical skills and behaviours that will support businesses, teams and individuals to prosper and grow in this rapidly changing global and technological environment. Partnering up with you to establish the mindset and approach that will ensure you remain adaptable to meeting challenges, enhance relationship skills and be resilient in this dynamic climate; you can thrive on collaborating with our clients and other experts to establish practical and future-focused solutions to meet the needs of today and prepare for tomorrow.

As a counsellor, homoeopath and mindfulness practitioner, Mary Malecaut offers one-to-one sessions and workshops to inspire and support individuals on their personal journey to a more fulfilling life. These are also available online.

Silvertoad were tasked with creating a new website and logo and branding for Prime People Skills. The website branches into the two main sectors of their work – Prime Business Skills and Prime People Skills. Showcasing both the corporate and personal aspects within one site shows the work-life balance they focus on. The site is simple, drawing the user into the text as this is where they can find the most information. There are blue, green and purple tones throughout the site, as well as light grey, which are the colours of the sea and can be seen as soothing. These colours are also quite strong however, perfect for the business elements.

The logo also follows suit, looking very slick and professional, with a more casual font underneath, to cater to both types of clients. The loops around the lettering resemble the infinity symbol, which symbolises ongoing ease and support.

We also provided Prime People Skills with their own email inbox, perfect for separating their enquiries from personal emails.

You can view the site and the logo here.