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The Silvertoad team were recently tasked with the development of an exciting online portal for ChemPrindex, a newly formed and highly innovative business. The ChemPrindex system is a highly unique comparison system which allows international chemical buyers to collaborate and compare prices globally. The idea for the subscriber-based system is the brainchild of owner and director, Stephen Harriman, a highly experienced professional who has been involved with the chemicals industry and procurement within it, for over 40 years.

The innovative system provides an alternative solution for international chemical and plastics buyers who traditionally have had to rely on very costly annual pricelists and reviews, which by their very nature are out of date soon as they are printed. The ChemPrindex system, on the other hand, provides a real-time snapshot of prices and is generated by the data actual buyers and procurement teams input into the system.

To ensure accuracy and make the most out of the system, there are verification processes in place to avoid incorrect prices and information being added to the system, ensuring the best possible data is collected and shared. The pricing index loads up prices in a matter of seconds and compares these with other buyers. You can even track historical prices and in an open forum compare views on prices and markets.

The Silvertoad team enjoyed creating this innovative new system and we look forward to seeing it expand and become a central hub for the industry. With a blank sheet of paper as the starting point, we worked closely with Stephen to understand, document and specify the system functionality, user interface and journey through the site and the reports and data it would then provide to users.

Key benefits of ChemPrindex:

  • Users can add their price reports to the database
  • Other users can then review these prices to see if they’re getting a fair deal from their suppliers.
  • Gives users an advantage in negotiations with suppliers
  • Allows users to exchange information on the forum

Testimony to the innovative nature of the site, it had already registered new members within 24 hours of go-live and continues to attract new sign-ups and buy-in from the industry.

Check out the ChemPrindex website and portal by clicking here.

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