Careful Where You Snip… It’s Naked Gardening Day!
Oooh My! | Silvertoad, Luton

The first Saturday of May is World Naked Gardening Day – when the bushes are trimmed and the woods swing freely – just check which plums you’re picking!

Follow Silvertoad’s five step guide if you’re joining in the celebrations:

  1. Careful where you snip
  2. Check before you sit
  3. Watch out for blackbirds hunting for worms
  4. Careful where you put you trowel – oh and avoid those power tools too
  5. Wear suncream – you won’t want a pair of red cheeks tomorrow!

We’d normally ask you to send us pictures of how you’re celebrating events… but we’re going to give this one a miss. It’s also coincidentally star wars day… we don’t want to see your light sabers either! May the Fourth be with you.