The Battle of Advertising - Traditional, or Digital?

In the advertising and business world, competition is rife amongst the individuals who strive to sell their products, so the pressure is on from day one. This is only becoming enhanced as our world changes at the hands of the rapid technological boom. Patience is a foreign concept as we expect services to be instantaneous whilst also being relatively straightforward. However there is still substantial evidence that proves how the print industry holds a sentimentality to the customer which is irreplaceable from the modern tech world. Perhaps these two media forms could be allies instead of enemies?

As a business owner, it is their job to appeal to all of their customer’s needs, and nowadays a client’s first point of interaction originates from a Google search engine. Having an informative yet accessible website is vital in order to put your customers at ease, and here at Silvertoad we offer creative web development services run by an extensive team tiered to understand your company’s appeal. Aesthetic is key, and having a concise design gives your company the professionalism clients are searching for, even though the connotations of having fancy designs gives an image of trendy hipsters in cafes running businesses from their smartphones. 25% of our website work is rescuing clients from poor services, therefore it is our top priority to put you first and understand your company’s ambitions and goals.

What is a website without links to social media? Ignoring the power of social media is like ignoring a house on fire; you probably shouldn’t. The links that can be achieved from hashtags and advertisement would be a substantial asset to any business as it appeals to a younger, captive and eager audience. Silvertoad offers social media & marketing services that can set up and/or manage your social media accounts across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We can also track your monthly audience demographics at Silvertoad in order to understand your clientele. By understanding who your clients are gives business owners an advantage to change the advertising to work in the business’ favour; don’t miss the window that an online presence can give you!

The digital world has its positives, yet print products continue to be successful despite the misconception that it is decreasing in popularity. According to British Print, 30% of all print products in the country are newspapers, magazines, brochures and books, and a whopping 82% of the public trusted printed advertisements compared to only 25% trusting online ads. Who says it’s a dying industry? The impact of a great design, layout and copy can give your customers the right message about your company. Silvertoad offers the creative graphic production for brochures, posters and business cards as well as company stationary for all of your advertising needs. It is always important to have a slick, professional online presence, but to have something physical for your clients to remember you is arguably just as vital.

Here at Silvertoad, we believe in the separate powers of digital advertising and traditional print marketing, however combining the two means that a company like yours could be professional whilst also being approachable.