Advice for Graduates & Undergrads 2019
Advice for Design Graduates & Undergrads | Silvertoad, Luton

One of our most popular posts of all time is our 2013 edition of Advice for Design Graduates and Undergraduates. 6 years later, we’ve decided to revive it as things have changed a little bit!

We know how hard it is to get into a role post university, particularly if you want a role in Graphic Design, Visual FX, Animation and more creative digital media roles.

In 2019, Creative Media Technologies and Digital Media courses are significantly more popular than they were six years ago. This means your competition is a lot higher. We’re going to discuss multiple factors, some of which are obvious, quite radical, and some are long but are worth your time and effort. Hard work always pays off.  With thousands of other designers just like you graduating every year how do you get that all-important edge?


  • Enter competitions throughout your time at University. Yes we know, you have impending deadlines and maybe you haven’t got enough time to manage them. Stay on top of your deadlines, and enter competitions. The reason being, it shows you are willing to above and beyond for your degree course. Design Weekor New Blood regularly holds competitions – A number of design houses hold competitions to secure internships these days to ensure they get the best (this often leads to junior studio positions).
  • Apply for as many internships as you can whilst at University. Internships are important. They provide you with an experience that allow you to differentiate University from working life, and they give you invaluable hands-on expertise that you just won’t learn at University. Make notes whilst your there, remember everything you did. Employers will love that you’ve had experience during or post university it all adds to your credibility.
  • Be innovative. Think of your own ideas, whilst also looking at what other people have done to be successful in their own right. Don’t copy it, become inspired! Like all famous scientists or historians, we learn from their knowledge and learn to create our own greatness. You can do the same!


  • After your degree, network as much as possible, use LinkedIn, meet business owners, and show them your portfolios immediately. Send e-mails to your dream companies, design and run an email campaigns, the succinct and eye-catching the better. Remember, creatives love a CV and cover letter that shows off your artistic side.
  • Speak to the experts themselves! Find out where design firms socialise after a hard day’s work, or ask them if you can meet up for a coffee to get on face-value. These things are important so don’t be discouraged.
  • Always work on your portfolio. This one can’t be stressed enough. Being a designer, visuals are important. Your portfolio should be like your bible, all of your work should be on there for you to work on.

We are always interested meeting new designers at Silvertoad. We’ll always make time for innovative, inspiring and genuinely good people.  If you’re interested in what we do, drop us a line and we’ll try to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We wish everybody graduating or in university all the best – keep focused on your goal and you will achieve.