Are Users Leaving Your Website Too Quickly?

How are your website statistics looking? Are people sticking around and how’s your bounce rate? If you’re finding that users aren’t spending as much time on your site as you would like, here are some reasons why!

Confusing Navigation

The best websites give clear indication and path to find relevant information and good signposting to allow the user to easily get from A to B. For websites that are providing a service or product, point B should be a means to enquire or to make a purchase!

Navigation menus must make sense, be clear and prioritise information in the right order, making it easy for visitors to find what they need, quickly. Make sure your site has obvious and easy routing which will save your users going round in circles and then leaving, leading to a lower bounce back rate!

You should also consider the amount of clicks that visitors need to get to the end result which must be kept to a minimum to allow simplicity – don’t make your customers work for your work!

Performance & Loading Times

We’ve all got used to ‘instant’ and people have a decreased attention span online with users becoming particularly impatient when it comes to loading up a site. If it takes more than just a few seconds to load, the chances are your visitors are going to leave and go elsewhere. Optimum loading times are essential if you want to retain your audience.

Lack of Engaging Content & Familiarity

Your website users will have expectations of what they want to find on your site. Whether it be your product, service or just information. Therefore, you need to convey what it is you do, in a short and simple way. Popular methods include sliders and site banners to highlight your services and with a Silvertoad created website, we will include all this and much more for maximum usability.

If you start using jargon, overcomplicate the content, or have irrelevant stock imagery; your audience will be confused or unsure and will leave your site. Would you buy from a site you have never used before if it doesn’t look professional?

Whilst everyone strives to be unique, we’d advise caution when it comes to web. There’s an equilibrium where your site can stand out from competitors, and where it is also easy to use and familiar to users. Users on the web know how they expect a website to work. Having elements where the user needs to click away, scroll but the site doesn’t move, or other swanky effects can just alienate visitors.

There are lots of other reasons too, but these 3 should help sort some basic issues and help improve your site.

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