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Get Christmassing with our new shop! This year has been crazy, we all agree on that that much at least! So we at Silvertoad wanted to do something different, positive and help get our Happy back up! So, here it is! Introducing our first ever Christmas...

We’re super excited to announce that our brand new Christmas catalogue is now available. Over the last few months our Silvertoad Elves have been working tirelessly to bring you the best of the best Christmas catalogues around yet! Click here to view it. The Christmas season is almost in full...

Nowadays, outside of festive pop-ups, you’re unlikely to find a film in the cinema that’s actually about Christmas. However, ’tis the season to be jolly so why not watch some old school classics? Whether you're looking for laughter or tears we think we have it covered… here at Silvertoad we have...